How to Deal with Failure

October 30, 2019

I failed recently.

I was bummed, truly.

But I didn’t let it bring me down. I didn’t let it stop me from continuing to go for what I want. I didn’t let it mean anything more than “things didn’t go as planned.” And I certainly didn’t let the failure itself mean something about me as a person.

Failure is inevitable.

If you choose not to hold yourself back and not go after what you want out of fear, you’re going to fail. If you choose to throw everything you have into what you want to create, you’re going to fail.


Because failure is a part of the process to achieving success in every area of our lives. A necessary part.

The sooner you get used to that idea, the sooner you’ll succeed.

And if you’re going to fail either way, why not fail in the direction of the things you desire? Why not fail towards your purpose and the life you want to live? Why not choose to continually fail so that you can continually grow and get better?

You may feel more comfortable and secure by standing steady in ways that are familiar and known, but if you’re doing that instead of going for what calls to your heart, that’s not success.

Talking more about my failure and this idea in a new vlog today…

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