What Are You Willing to Let It Cost You?

September 25, 2019

What are you willing to let it cost you?

Do you know?

We feel all the sadness and heartache as we lose the things we want and love… yet it’s not enough. It’s not enough to create true, lasting change in ourselves and our lives. To learn how to show up in a new way of being. To decide to play a bigger, better game.

We just… feel sad and do nothing else about it.

Or maybe we make some small, incremental changes here and there, eventually reverting to who were before and shrugging as what we want slips further from our hands.

Why is that? Why are we so willing to wait until rock bottom or our back’s against a wall to really lean into our growth and healing?

Because it’s actually LESS painful than losing the things we love.

Can you believe that? It’s true.

Going against your subconscious patterns and beliefs, letting go of your ‘winning strategies’, and stepping into new ways of being sends us into a tailspin because it feels like we might actually die.

When really, it will just be hard.

It will just take CHOICE, every moment of every day.

It will just be uncomfortable as our cells change and we form new neural pathways in our brains, building new habits as we go.

I say “just,” but I know how incredibly challenging it is to step into new ways of being and abandon the very things we believe keep us safe, secure, and successful. I get it, I do.

But what if you were no longer willing to let it cost you the things you love and desire? What if you decided that this moment—right here, right now—was as close to rock bottom as you’re willing to get? What if you decided to choose something new, something different, something better in each and every moment until it became your new baseline? What if you weren’t willing to wait until your back’s against a wall? What would become possible for you?

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