Laying the Groundwork for This Next Evolution

July 26, 2022

I learned to hold things more closely to my heart last year.

There was so much I never shared or wrote about (or wrote about but saved for my next book!)

Adventures, growth, expansion, and love alongside all the intensity, stagnation, and deep dive healing and growth. Experiences that expanded my being, body, and mind like nothing before. It was all so needed and necessary. It was all so perfectly and frustratingly timed.

I’ve been working hard this summer to lay the groundwork for this next evolution, literally pushing myself past my edges again and again. There’s far less unpacking of core, subconscious pieces and a heck of a lot more leaning into the person I know I’m here to be. The person I’ve always been but believed I had to tuck away for one reason or another.

It’s honestly such a challenge to hold it close to my heart.

I want to share all the things as they happen.

I want to show you everything I’m creating behind the scenes.

I want to shout all about it from the rooftops.

It’s so good and aligned. It’s so big and revealing in every sense of the word. It’s so terrifying and real and stretches me beyond belief.

But it’s still in process.

And for the first time, maybe ever, in the evolution of me and my business, I’m keeping it all close to my heart until it’s ready to be released. I’m not even sharing much of it with the people around and closest to me.

I’m sharing some tiny bits here and there, but most of it will be revealed like flipping a switch. Or, more fittingly, like pulling up the curtain and bringing you into this magical space I’ve been building.

In the meantime, I’ll be running one or two BRAND NEW programs live with anyone who wants to immerse themselves in this new work before it’s packaged and released at full price.

Stay tuned!

Or hope on my email list below…

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