Expansive People and Experiences Raise Our Standards

July 25, 2022

Expansive people and experiences raise our standards.

They give us (and our subconscious) a reference point for what we want.

To some degree, we know what it feels, looks, tastes, and smells like to live our desires, and we can no longer settle for anything less.

We know that what we envision is possible.

We know it’s worth waiting for.

We don’t fill the space with misaligned people, things, or experiences to “pass the time” or because we’re afraid of the void. We consciously and consistently clear more space for what we want to come in, and we work intentionally to make our lives fertile soil for those things to take root and thrive once they arrive.

For as much stagnation as I experienced last year, there was more expansion than I’ve ever known. I learned what it looked and felt like to have exactly what I want across the board, what it’s like to be with and around people that allow and encourage more of my fullest expression to come through, rather than watering me down or “balancing me out.” I learned what it felt like to be deeply met — by life, relationships, and experiences.

Some expansive people and experiences come into our field for a reason and a season, but not a lifetime because they’re meant to show us what’s possible.

They’re meant to catalyze something inside of us so that we move more quickly into the ways of being and frequencies needed to have and hold all of our biggest, deepest desires. They’re also meant to check our energetic stance, what we’re still willing and unwilling to tolerate, and where our boundaries lie while expanding our subconscious beliefs.

If you’re wondering whether you can have what you want…

If you’re scared there’s nothing better than what you have now…

If you’re terrified to lean into the unknown and see what’s possible…

Stay open. Stay willing. Stay intentional.

There’s always more and better when you’re willing to do the work. When you’re willing to show up as honestly and authentically as possible, and you’re willing to navigate the process of finding your way into what’s next.


That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

(I went through some intense death and rebirth last year!)

But it’s worth every twist and turn along the way.

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