The Other Side of Death and Rebirth

December 20, 2021

Death and rebirth are essential to growth, and I’m all too familiar with them.

They’re terrifying and disorienting when we’re in the middle, but what about when we’re through to the other side?

Depending on what we’ve shed from ourselves and released from our lives, it can still feel scary and unsettling at first. But the more you move through these pockets with full trust and total surrender, the more quickly you find your footing and step into what’s next.

Regardless, there’s always more change.

This can feel exhausting and painstaking most of the time because when we’re picking ourselves up from the ashes of what used to be our life, it takes endless choice and intention to get momentum. But again, the more of these deaths and rebirths that you weather, the more easeful the aftermath becomes.

You’ve built up your choice muscle.
You have tremendous trust in yourself.
You have faith in the universe.
You’re not afraid of the unknown or uncertainty.
You even feel excited for what’s to come.

The work required in the aftermath is energizing because you feel optimistic. You’re more able to release what needs to be let go of and better equipped to lean into the new ways of being required to move forward. There’s gentleness and grace, self-care and an increasing sense of worthiness.

It’s a beautiful time.

The periods of death and rebirth in my past have been chaotic and challenging beyond belief. Picking up the fragments of myself and my life after loss, trauma, abuse, and severe health issues and piecing them back together was no small feat. It took everything I had over a period of years, more than once.

There are still challenges and moments of chaos as I navigate into my next season of life, but there’s also far more ease and peace. There’s a sense of settling more fully into my truth, purpose, and joy, and far less agonizing grief and confusion. There’s more surrender and openness, less angst and looking back. Because even if I still grieve aspects that I’ve left behind at times, I’ve learned that there are always more beautiful things to come in the aftermath of death and rebirth. Always.

So if you’re in the depths of it, surrender.

Allow it to crack you open, as painful and disorienting as it is.

I promise it will be worth the heartache in ways you can’t even imagine.

Maybe not today or tomorrow or even six months down the line. But it will be when the time is right, and you’ve grown your sense of trust and faith, learning how to build your choice muscle in all the necessary ways.

And if you need support, death and rebirth are my jam.

Whether you’re dismantling your business and changing careers to align more fully with your purpose and goals, or you’re navigating challenging chapters and big life transitions. If your relationships are shifting rapidly and your whole world seems out of sorts. Whatever it is, I’d be honored to help you navigate through to the other side and onto more aligned opportunities and experiences.

Click here to book a free consultation to see if working together is the right fit.

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And in the meantime, breathe.

You will come through this.

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