Discovering Something Better

January 15, 2020

Life can change so drastically in the smallest of moments.

Sometimes, it’s as if you blink and nothing’s ever the same again.

When life happens in hard and heartbreaking ways, it’s not the same as turning a new page or starting a new chapter. Nope. Sometimes life will go and replace the whole damn book in one fell swoop. People will want you to believe that “everything happens for a reason,” making you feel even more alone as you stand in the middle of your own life completely turned inside out and upside down.

The reality is, your old life is gone and you’re not getting it back. Some things will be similar, but they’ll never be the same.

But if you do decide to open your heart and your mind…

If you decide to do the work to uncover the lessons and the gifts in their right time…

If you’re brave enough to let go of all the expectations you held before…

You may discover something even better than what you left behind.  

It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy… but it’s possible.

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