Sometimes My Intuition and the Work Ask Me to Pause

May 23, 2021

I’ve been writing so many new things lately that I haven’t shared because it’s not the conversation I feel like having right now.

Even though it’s real and raw for me. Even though I know it’s something people respond to when I talk about it. Even though it’s always hard for me to sit on the words that endlessly pour through me.

And while it’s been hard to pause, it’s also felt right.

So much so, I’ve begun to realize that many of these words are likely meant to find a home in my next book.

Time will tell, I suppose, just like my journey with birthing Unravel. I mean, talk about patience and trusting in the timing of things! I held those words for five long years before revealing them to the world.

I’m wholly committed to radical honesty in my life and work. I want to empty out and live my lessons out loud. To extract and share everything that’s meant to come through for myself and anyone else who needs it.

And yet, sometimes my intuition and the work ask me to pause.

To hold things close to my heart until the time is right. To carry them with me, shaping and reshaping them as I go, until they become everything they’re supposed to become.

All that to say, it might be time to get more intentional about this next book… which completely terrifies me because it’s going to be way more raw and real than Unravel.

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