I’ve Been Scared of This Next Evolution

July 7, 2022

I’ve been scared of this next evolution because I know it’ll be alienating to some, inviting judgment and misunderstanding.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of work to heal my wound around feeling misunderstood. I know how far I’ve come by how I respond to it now. There’s always a sting, but there’s less shame if any. There’s less impulse to prove myself, feel seen and heard, or argue with other people’s stories about me.

This next evolution will seem like a big leap.

A shift in who I am and how I show up, and it will probably feel triggering and uncomfortable to some.

It requires a different dynamic with my work, audience, body, and being because it requires a much deeper relationship with myself.

And while it may feel very different and new, it’s actually the truest, most aligned, and fullest expression of me. A version, iteration, and evolution that’s always burned white-hot at my core but never felt safe to step into.

There were times I leaned in, explored, or pushed some edges. But there were more times I stayed quiet, small, and palatable. Times I ignored and denied these aspects altogether.

No more.

No more fear and smallness.

No more being driven by whether or not I’m understood by others or shrinking because it makes them more comfortable.

I expect to be misunderstood in this evolution.

I expect people to get triggered and leave.

And that’s okay.

It’s as it should be.

I always say, with growth comes outgrowing… and that’s true on all sides.

There will be opportunities to come behind the scenes and explore with me as I build out this next iteration. It’s going to be rich and profoundly transformational for us all.

So stay tuned and jump on the things that feel like a full-body yes when they arrive because the next time you see them, they’ll be at a much different price point.

This isn’t scarcity marketing.

It’s just how it is.

Because as this next evolution integrates, the work wants to be explored and shared in limited and temporary containers, then packaged and sold in its final form when the time is right. But for the next couple (few?) months, they’ll be experimental and expansive containers to play with me.

More soon…

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