With Growth Comes Outgrowing

November 26, 2018

Learning how to stand on my own two feet in my work and business changed everything.

I stopped caring what the experts and coaches and gurus had to say… even the ones I was paying a lot of money to tell me what to do. When my friends and colleagues would tell me, “you can’t do that…” I would do it anyway, creating some of my most favorite and profitable offerings. I stopped sharing every idea, thought, strategy, or struggle with the ones around me, so that I could lean more deeply into what was true for me… and in turn, created a body of work I am infinitely proud of.

I’m remembering this as I start leaning more deeply into trusting myself around other areas of my life… specifically relationships, health, and healing. 

I am surrounded by some really smart and intuitive souls. Truly. I am continually humbled by the brilliance that walks into my world and the things these humans have learned, experienced, or created.

And yet, I am learning. I am learning to lean into trusting myself more deeply, regardless of what others have to say, no matter how smart and knowledgeable they may be. I am learning that this skill I’ve cultivated in my work—a skill that has brought me so much purpose, happiness, success, and direction—is a skill that can be cultivated elsewhere.

The Universe is always expanding, evolving, growing, and shifting.

Which means that we as humans—and everything we know, create, experience, and become— is always expanding, evolving, growing, and shifting.

I don’t think we remember that often enough. That everything we know to be true about ourselves, the world, our work, and our experience is bound to change. Sometimes slowly over time, sometimes rapidly and without warning.

I am learning that when I start to feel that tension, the deep intuitive niggle that says I’ve gone as far as I can with a person, body of work, or way of being… that it’s okay. It’s natural. It’s part of the process. And it often happens when the person, experience, body of work, or community has grown as far as they’re willing to grow. When they’ve settled into their “knowing” and have let go of openness and curiosity. When they forget that change is the only constant we know for certain in this life.

I say this frequently because it’s true:
With growth comes outgrowing… not always, but often.

Trust yourself enough to navigate that growth. To stop sharing anything and everything with the ones who can no longer hear you. To stop listening to anyone who doesn’t actually understand what you see, desire, experience, and create, especially when they’ve already decided that they know best. To lean in more deeply so that you can create what is next with more grace and ease.

Trust yourself to do what’s never been done.
To create exactly what you desire, in exactly the ways you desire to create it.
To stand on your own two feet, even if everyone doubts or dismisses you.

You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for.
And I, for one, am done giving my power to anyone outside of me.

What about you?

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