I’m Not Interested in Proving Anybody Wrong About Me

April 21, 2022

I’m not interested in proving anybody wrong about me, even those who’ve created stories and interpretations that make me feel deeply misunderstood. I have no interest in showing anyone who’s ever underestimated me just how capable I am, no matter how much their doubt and disbelief hurt my heart.

I’m only interested in showing up as my most fully aligned and expressed self. I only care about proving to myself that I’m capable of creating the things I desire and feeling even more happy and whole. I’m only motivated by releasing my own stories and limiting beliefs so that I can actualize my full potential.

I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Not anymore.

I absolutely used to. I’ve 100% wanted to “show” people a thing or two, especially those who didn’t see me, treated me poorly, or lacked faith in my ability to make wise decisions that are right for me.

But the truth is: those people don’t matter.

Their stories and interpretations of me don’t matter, and they certainly don’t hold any weight when it comes to me and my life.

I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. That’s not the best use of my energy. It gives too much power to people that don’t deserve it when I could be pouring my focus into becoming the person I’m here to be.

I’m for you, or I’m not.
You understand me, or you don’t.
You’re right about me, or you’re wrong.

I’m just not invested in changing anyone’s mind, which is tremendous freedom. I’ve spent a lifetime operating from core wounds that say no one understands me, I’m unlovable for who I am, and I have to become who others want me to be to stay safe and secure or to earn love and acceptance. I’ve wasted far too much time trying to prove myself to others or fighting against their stories and decisions about me.

I’d rather focus on what’s important and the people who genuinely understand me and support me in living my purpose full out.

If proving something motivates you, great. But I’d still encourage you to find a motivation anchored in your heart, desires, and purpose, not other people. I’d still encourage you to focus on yourself and what matters most to you, rather than giving energy to people who simply don’t deserve it.

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