Things I Love (Spring Edition)

April 20, 2022

I love discovering new things.

It’s one reason I’ve always appreciated the internet.

I’m always coming across so many awesome things while doing research and meeting new people, so now I’m sharing my favorite finds with you each month.

Here are some things I love right now that you may too…

Please note, some links may be affiliate links.

Goss Club // This site and magazine profile some incredible women from all professions and walks of life. You can get print and digital copies, whichever works best for you and your budget. The blog is pretty amazing, too!

Peptok // This might be the most adorable and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You can call the number and listen to pre-recording pep talks created by elementary school kids. It’s the pick-me-up everyone in the world needs right now.

Haila Macedo // Learning more about Human Design has changed my life, and I absolutely love Haila’s focus on how to lead with sacral authority (essentially, those of us who’s gut response is king). I’m also doing a reading with her this week!

Ebb and Glow Podcast // I had the honor of being interviewed by Jenelle this month for her incredible show, and I can’t wait to share the episode this summer. Meantime, you can subscribe and start listening to her inspiring guests.

The Sliding Scale // This is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to make their offerings more accessible to people of different socioeconomic backgrounds. // As we deepen our focus on SEO and content creation, one thing we’re trying out on the blog is creating more resource posts that support healing and growth, living your purpose, and doing the impossible. I’ve heard great things from individuals in the SEO space about this writing service that’s 100% artificial intelligence! We’re giving it a try, making sure we edit for my voice, ensuring quality content that we’d actually write ourselves. Yep. Skynet is on our team now!

Trademark Masterclass // This whole series is amazing, but I especially loved the lessons in class two. It’s all about showing up authentically on social median rather than “playing the game.” Really powerful questions for entrepreneurs!

The Language of Emotions // I was gifted this book by Karla McLaren by a friend, and I’ve found it to be very supportive in working with my emotions on a deeper level. It’s something you can reference as you need, too, which is nice!

7-Day Email Nurture Challenge // This is my best friend’s new challenge, something I’ve been working through as I rebuild my marketing strategies and funnels this month. Her work is incredible, so definitely check it out!

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser // I love this little vacuum so, so much. Like, it’s kind of ridiculous how much I love it. I got it because I’m temporarily in guest rooms and wanted something easy for cleaning up. Bonus: it’s purple! My favorite.

Bella Double Egg Cooker // In the same vein of new appliances I love, this little egg maker is awesome! I’ve been wanting to make more hard boiled and deviled eggs, and this thing makes it easy peasy. I’m all for minimal effort cooking methods.

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