Things I Love (February)

February 22, 2022

I love discovering new things.

It’s one reason I’ve always appreciated the internet.

I’m always coming across so many awesome things while doing research and meeting new people, so now I’m sharing my favorite finds with you each month.

Here are some things I love right now that you may too…

Please note, some links may be affiliate links.

The Design Files // I love all things design, always have. And I love to connect with and follow other creative people. This site showcases some innovative projects.

Guilt Trips // I’m learning a lot about not getting hooked into other people’s expectations. It’s a life-long practice for me, and I absolutely loved this quote.

When Everything That Mattered Stops Mattering // This is such a beautiful post by Holly Whitaker. First of all, I’ve always love apocalyptic films, despite not really wanting to survive the apocalypse. But her points about starting to recognize what really matters and making different choices inside these strange times (and that our future as a species depends on us doing so), absolutely resonates.

Bookclub // If you love books, going deeper into what you’re reading, and connecting with other likeminded individuals, this is an awesome site! // This site is wonderful if you’re looking for visibility opportunities. We’ve aligned with some incredible guests for our second season, and I’m really loving connecting with new people from all walks of life!

GPL Vault // If you have plugins you want to use but don’t want to pay for licensing, this is a great resource. It doesn’t have everything, but it does give access to some of the top plugins that we use for our websites and our client sites.

What is Kundalini Awakening? // In late January, I felt like something broke open in me after a few challenging experiences that all happened in a 24-hour period. I couldn’t settle my nervous system, and I remembered something a friend of mine had talked about, so I started dreading about kundalini awakenings. I found this resource to be super supportive, and a lot resonated for me personally.

Working with Kundalini // Also in the vein of awakenings, I came across this book during my research and am loving it so far. It’s been incredibly supportive throughout this experience I’m walking through, and I highly recommend it.

Just Follow Joy // I’m getting deeper into learning how to work with my own frequency and energetics through human design, and that’s led to scouring the internet for resources. I came across this site and loved several of her posts on manifesting generators, sacral responses and how to use them, and more.

Skinny Dipped // I’ve been working on changing my eating habits and getting back in shape, and I have to say, Skinny Dipped products are super yum! The almonds especially, and I’ve been able to work those in when I’m doing keto.

Gaia Adrenal Health Daily Support // I’ve been on a journey with my adrenals since my loss, and these adaptogens have been game-changing for me. Be sure to consult your doctor or nutritional therapist before giving them a try!

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