Things I Love (December)

December 29, 2021

I love discovering new things.

It’s one reason I’ve always appreciated the internet.

I’m always coming across so many awesome things while doing research and meeting new people, so now I’m sharing my favorite finds with you each month.

Here are some things I love right now that you may too…

Please note, some links may be affiliate links.

FeMake // I came across this cool site dubbed, “the home of data on female makers.” It’s a great resource to better understand female representation in the maker community, and links you to some cool projects over on ProjectHunt.

Tiny Home Tours // I’m learning so much about living off the grid lately (and it’s been so much fun!!), and I’m loving so many of the tours showcased on this channel. If you’re thinking about off-grid living, I highly recommend these videos.

Jennifer Kem’s 2022 Predictions // Jen shares her brand predictions of what’s going to happen in the small business marketplace and how we can leverage them. There are two parts to this video, so be sure to watch the second one too!

Yoga With Adriene // I’ve been rediscovering my love of yoga lately (and yoga with Adriene) as I work more on my flexibility and strength. This is such a great channel with so many awesome free yoga flows at varying lengths.

So Fucking Ready // If you’re feeling stuck and ready to get out of that terrible job you hate, my friend Sarah Hockett’s program will help! She takes the knowledge and skills she’s acquired over her career and uses them to help others get back to loving their work and their lives more quickly than you thought possible.

How to Release a Trauma Bond // I’m still learning a lot about trauma bonds as I continue to heal and evolve in my love life. I came across this article from Natasha Adamo’s team on a particularly challenging day, and it was incredibly helpful. She speaks so well to trauma as a concept and how it plays out in these relationships.

Answer the Public // I found this interesting site as I started digging deeper into SEO (search engine optimization) research. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to create articles and social media content their audience is searching for!

Strange Time to Feel Alive // I can’t think of a better song for these times and how I’ve been feeling. So awake, alive, and aligned in myself as the world seems to continually unravel around me. It’s a beautiful and terrifying time.

Scream Into the Void // This site is one of the most amazing and hilariously creative things I’ve seen in a while. Trust me. Click through, type that one thing that’s on your mind into the spot, then hit the button. I laughed so hard!

Meditation Office Chair // I haven’t ordered one yet since I’m moving so soon, but you’d better believe this is on my wish list. I never sit “normally” and I hate regular chairs where I can’t sit cross-legged. A friend me this and I can’t wait to try it!

Single All the Way // I loved this movie from Netflix. Such a sweet and happy holiday film, and loads of points to the company for producing and sharing a gay romantic comedy with zero homophobia. It’s a must watch!

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