Let It Go Before You Lose Any More Time or Energy

June 2, 2021

Let it go.

The thing that repeatedly breaks your heart, or the person who never really shows up for you. The client who makes you sick and tired every time they email and the projects that don’t light you up. The family that makes you feel like garbage or still can’t consider and accept who you’ve grown into. The friend group, the outdated roles, the forced activities you’ve outgrown.

Let it go.
Say goodbye.
Don’t do it anymore.

It’ll be hard, yes. It might even be messy and chaotic and all things awful, I know.

That’s why you haven’t done it yet.

Let it go anyway. And do it before you lose any more time or energy. Before it breaks everything beautiful about you and your life.

You’ll be scared, yes. It might even be isolating and sad for a while.

But there’s always better, more aligned people and things. Always.

I’ve learned this lesson a thousand times in my short little life, yet I still forget. I still cling to what’s not meant for me, or the people and things that wear my soul down for too long. I still get scared to let go.

But every single time I do, it’s worth it. Every time, I level up. Every time, what follows is far more amazing and aligned than I ever could have hoped for.

Let it go.

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