Rebuilding My Business in a New Direction

April 22, 2022

Entrepreneurship is a journey.

One that evolves and iterates over time.

Do some businesses set their vision and define their audience and stick to that indefinitely? Sure. But most companies have to shift as the world, their audience, and their internal drive does throughout the years.

Especially if they want to stay afloat!

My business is no different.

If you track the content, offerings, and conversations that I’ve had throughout the years in my business, you’ll see that it evolves organically as life shapes me, my interests and focus change, and my vision becomes clearer. People often tell me that my business is an inspiration, but it didn’t start out as the business it is today.

In fact, when I first started, I was writing about branding for “cause-driven” businesses. Then one day, I decided to pivot, changing everything over to navigating a quarter-life crisis and starting writing about finding yourself and your passions. I didn’t even explain the shift; I just started sending my list different content. 😅

I’ve done this hundreds of times since.

You can see some of my story here.

The last ten months of my life have been so pivotal.

It’s been a process of reconfiguration, internally and externally.

Reducing my life to zero.

Raising my self-worth through deep healing.

Shifting my offerings and creating new products.

Moving home to New Mexico and not getting my own space.

Putting exciting plans in motion and navigating last-minute changes.

One of the things I’m focused on now is rebuilding in a new direction. Much of my audience came to me during a period of years where I shared myself and my journey very openly, talking primarily about healing from trauma and not really selling anything at all. This has created a particular dynamic… one that doesn’t support me in stepping into the kind of work I want to do next.

Don’t get me wrong…

I love, love, love my audience.
I love, love, love creating free content.
I love, love, love developing affordable and accessible products.

None of that will stop anytime soon.


I’m ready to start coaching a particular type of client on making seemingly impossible things happen in their lives, careers or businesses, finances, health, and relationships.

That means I need to rebuild my marketing, email list, and offerings.

Starting from basically zero.

(Yes, even a 12+ year-old business has to do this at times!!)

I say “basically” because we’ll continue to nurture our current audience towards doing the work vs. just consuming free content. I’ve said before that I don’t want to be inspirational anymore. Inspiration has its place, but inspiration doesn’t always equate to doing the work and creating the changes we want in our lives.

Sometimes, yes. Mostly, no.

Perpetual inspiration can be similar to toxic positivity.

True transformation comes from the deeper, more challenging work.

Not everyone is ready for that work, and not everyone needs it. So we’ll continue to create content that supports people at all stages of the journey because that’s something about our business that I love. We can support people at any point on the journey of healing and growth, finding and living your purpose, building a business, and making impossible things happen. We even have a boutique agency for implementation! I love, love, love this about our body of work.

And, it’s time for me to focus on the coaching work I want to do.

That means actively and intentionally building a new audience that’s ready for it.

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • New customer avatars. Ideal customer avatars are something a lot of people roll their eyes at because it’s such an overused term, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In my business and with my clients, the one thing I do differently is focusing more heavily on the psychographics of my audience vs. the demographics. Demographics matter, yes. Especially if you offer a higher-ticket product or service. But psychographics are what allow us to be targeted in our marketing while attracting a variety of individuals demographically.
  • Building a new funnel. We’ll be using existing content (specifically my Make the Impossible Happen workbook that converts well already) and targeting our new ideal customers through content, visibility efforts, and likely paid ads. Once they’ve opted in, we’ll run them through a new nurture and promotion sequence rather than adding them to our existing list and sending out weekly newsletter content. I’ll share more about this as we build it out.
  • Nurturing existing audience. While we’re still going to continue sending weekly newsletters and content to our existing list, we’re also going to start promoting more products and creating more opportunities to move people who are ready into the new funnel. I want people to do the work because I know what becomes possible for us when we do. If that means buying one book for $5, that makes me happy. Anyone who isn’t ready to go deeper will still get support from our regular blog posts. These will continue to come out to support our audience and our search engine optimization efforts.
  • Launching fun new marketing initiatives. I had a whole big download for the ways I want to market to my new ideal clients, and it’s going to be so much fun to do. Both will require a tremendous amount of content production and connecting with incredible humans… I can’t wait to share as they unfold.

It’s a never-ending evolution, that’s for sure.

But I’m excited about this new phase.

Over the last ten months, everything has been building in this direction, naturally and organically, just like every iteration of my business before. I’m excited to see where it takes my clients and me! If you’re interested in learning more about my new coaching packages and getting started now, click here.

My writing has moved to Substack!

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