I’ve Had it with “Good Vibes Only”

November 8, 2019

Don’t believe all the people trying to sell you on “polished positivity” as the cure for all that ails you… not everything in life is meant to feel good… and just because something doesn’t feel good, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad.

All the challenging emotions and experiences?

They’re how you grow.
They’re how you learn.
They’re how you become who you’re meant to be.

Trying to smile when your heart is aching doesn’t just feel impossible… it’s unhealthy on so many levels. I can’t possibly imagine what would’ve happened to my body if I hadn’t allowed myself to live through all the sadness, anger, and despair in the days, weeks, and months after my loss.

It would have killed me. Literally.

Unresolved grief and trauma are at the root of so much sickness in the world today. Sickness of the body, mind, and soul.

You don’t “attract” anything good by forcing yourself to feel “good vibes only.” In fact, you’re more likely to create chaos, sickness, and more heartbreak when you’re plastering over your pain in this way.

Feel what you have to feel.
Process out what’s festering inside.
Heal what needs to be healed.

You attract true, deep, lasting joy by moving through and feeling the contractive emotions and experiences in a healthy and productive way.

Embrace all the discomfort, all the pain, and everything that feels unknown, confusing, and all things difficult right now.

It’s going to be worth it, promise.

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