Ride the Waves of Grief

November 7, 2019

We think grief is an emotion we can “manage” like we do with others.⁣

When we’re happy, we smile.⁣
When we’re sad, we cry.⁣
When we’re angry, we yell.⁣

If only it were that simple with grief.⁣

⁣When grief knocks us off our center from losses of all kinds, we often feel lost. We’re feeling so much all at once that we don’t really know where to start, let alone how to survive it all.⁣

Honestly, we don’t really know HOW to feel anymore.⁣
Worse yet, grief often leaves us numb.⁣

Then it makes us sad… and angry… and willing to barter with the devil if that’s what it takes to be through it… and lonely… and oops, you saw a funny video online that made you smile, and you forget for a tiny little millisecond… so then grief drops you deep in the depths of guilt and shame.⁣

Grief is a tidal wave of emotion we can never fully tame, because the only way through it is to feel it all fully. It’s messy, hard, terrifying, and overwhelming.⁣

But it’s normal.⁣
That’s just what it looks like to heal.⁣
And you will come through it if you’re willing to ride the waves.⁣

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