So Much Can Change Over a Year

June 26, 2022

At the end of last June, I wrote about being single on purpose for at least a year.


I was not single the whole year. 😅

(Yep, I slipped one in there a while back and didn’t tell ya!)

That relationship was such a gift, and it (especially after the relationship that came before it) is why I feel like I’ve finally woken up to myself again. It’s why I feel so whole and healed, able to finally tap into what’s next and become the person I need to be to bring it to life. All for reasons that I doubt most people would expect or understand.

I don’t know that I’ll ever say more about it, as it’s one I’ll likely always hold close to my heart.

I bring it up now only to say…

So much can change over a year.

So much has changed in me, my life, and my vision in the last few months alone.

So much will continue to change in the coming days and weeks, I know this in my bones, and I’m being so intentional about what it means for me and my life and business.

Grateful for the journey.

Grateful for who I’m becoming.

Grateful for where I am and where I’m heading.

The unparalleled lessons this last year has gifted me have been some of the best, most confronting, and revealing of my entire life. They cracked me open, forced me to face myself at entirely new depths, and taught me how to truly release all that’s old and in the way of what I want. There’s been so much healing and growth, and it’s only the beginning of this next season.

One year.

Nothing like I planned.

Certainly not what or who I expected.

And everything I needed.

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