The Somatics of Receiving

June 27, 2022

I’ve been working on the somatics of receiving.

Learning to move my body and energy in totally new ways when asking for help or allowing it in.

Literally changing how I breathe, speak, hold myself, and move to signal to my brain that I’m safe, I’m loved, and all is well and good.

No more tension.
No more resistance.
No more hesitation.
No more fear.
No more anxiety.

It’s a practice, and it takes a whole lot of intentional presence with my entire being to execute each time, but I’m learning.

I’m learning to stay open.

I’m learning to allow love in.

I’m learning to associate higher frequencies with these give and take, ask and receive aspects of my life and relationships.

And I’m reminding my body that all the trauma is in the past.

That we’re here now, where it’s safe.

This is way of being work.

(One piece, at least.)

Learning to move through the world differently, engaging with the energies around us intentionally, and being the person who has what we want right now. I want openness, care, surrender, and support. I want to feel safe in my wants, needs, preferences, and requests. I want to be magnetic to the kinds of people who really show up for the ones they love.

So I’m literally, physically shifting who and how I be.

Way of being work is crucial to changing our trajectory and creating seemingly impossible outcomes, and it’s a big topic in our next few summer workshops!

Join me for the remaining conversations about expansion, alignment, magnetism, and the science and process behind manifestation. We’re talking specifically about the methodology for rapidly making the impossible happen tomorrow!

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