What Gives Us the Leverage to Create Freedom

August 24, 2022

We all want freedom, but we don’t understand what gives us the leverage to create it and to do so rapidly.

We think it’s more time and money, which are absolutely beneficial resources. But they don’t give us true freedom. They aren’t what creates a truly aligned and fulfilling life.

We are.

Our ability to show up fully expressed.

Our ability to unhook from core wound stories, colored interpretations, unresolved grief and trauma, and unprocessed emotions.

Our ability to make truly conscious choices because we’re aware of our subconscious programming, winning strategies, core motivations, and limiting beliefs.

You can have all the time and money in the world and still find yourself stuck in an endless loop of self-sabotage. You can have all the material goods you desire and still feel profoundly unfulfilled and like you don’t know how to be who you are and have the impact you want. You can have great friends, a solid partner, and time for family and still fall prey to your deepest wounds and stories, feeling worthless, unlovable, broken, and not good enough no matter who’s around.

Freedom is an inside job.

It requires a specific kind of leverage that comes from knowing yourself, healing on a neurological and cellular level (well beyond where intellectual understanding can take you), being aware of how you’re wired and learning how to work with yourself, and being able to step outside your oldest, most deeply embedded worldviews and subconscious winning strategies.

This work often requires support because our subconscious won’t allow us to see what we need to see. It’s too risky. It will likely lead to change, and change to the subconscious is the same as certain death.

But once you have that leverage?

There’s nothing you can’t do.

There’s nothing you can’t navigate.

And there’s so much you can transform more rapidly than you knew was possible.

This is the basis of my work: freedom and leverage to live your fullest expression and make seemingly impossible things happen across all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to share all the new ways to engage with this work at every level and for every budget. Presently scheming some pretty transformational experiences!

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