Clarify the Next Evolution of My Business

August 23, 2022

Lately, I’ve been learning new techniques for rapid healing to bring to my clients (after working with it myself) and strategizing with new mentors to clarify what this next evolution of my business will include.

I’ve had this particular business since 2010 (made legal and official in 2011!), and I’ve created SO MUCH in the last twelve years. I’ve written hundreds of thousands if not millions of words, crafted three highly impactful programs and several signature processes, taught endless trainings, masterclasses, communities, and webinars, facilitated many done-for-you services and ran highly transformational coaching containers, plus so much more in between

I’m proud of what I’ve birthed into the world.

I’m humbled by how it’s changed lives and businesses.

I’m grateful for how the work has evolved, shaped, and healed me.

But as we grow and iterate ourselves and our visions, our business and offerings evolve to align with that.

They have to.

While my early programs are incredibly impactful to this day, they don’t fully reflect everything I’ve learned in the years since I released them. Things vital to healing, growth, living our purpose, and making impossible things happen. So I’m taking the time to assess every aspect of my body of work: my products and programs, our many services, the blog, my social presence, and content.

So much is about to change significantly.

It’s about becoming undeniable in the space.

Disrupting the industry and shifting how we view and work with purpose.

Fulfilling the next-level vision that’s burned in my heart for years.

And, of course, becoming the woman and leader who can hold all of it.

That means some things need to die, others need to be reworked and evolved, and new creations must be developed and birthed. I’m so excited about what I’m putting together, and I’ll be announcing my first new program in years very soon. It’s a chance to hop into this latest evolution of my work and start aligning with, activating, and actualizing your fullest expression and purpose.

Details dropping shortly…

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