Sometimes Parts of Us Need to Die

August 12, 2017

Sometimes there are parts of us that need to die.

Sometimes the structures and beliefs and ways of being that carried and supported us for years need to be shaken loose. Sometimes everything known and familiar needs to fall away. And sometimes everything we’ve poured ourselves into needs to burn to the ground.

This is growth.
And growth is hard.

Not always, but usually… because it requires change at a deep, deep level. It requires a willingness to see things from a totally different perspective. An openness to new, different, better. An ability to sit in the discomfort for as long as is necessary for new truths to be revealed.

So, sit in it.
Breathe through the pain.
And hold steady until the truth is revealed.

There’s no avoiding the hard parts. But if I’ve learned anything these past few years, it’s that everything good and beautiful and life changing is just beyond the part that feels like it might consume you. Through the pain. Through the discomfort. Through the uncertainty.

You will survive it.

And it’s so worth discovering what lies just on the other side.

“And if you feel like life is consuming you in its fire, remember this. Sometimes it is necessary for the land to be scorched and its history purified before something new can grow.” 💛 JmStorm

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