Falling Prey to Subconscious Patterns for Self-Sabotage

August 19, 2022

Just because the thing you want scares you doesn’t mean it’s not actually aligned.

Just because the plan falls apart or things aren’t flowing doesn’t mean it’s a sign from the universe that it’s not supposed to happen.

Just because it’s challenging and messy and overwhelmingly difficult doesn’t mean you’re incapable of creating what you desire.

If you experience and believe these things, you’re simply falling prey to your subconscious patterns for self-sabotage.

You’re succumbing to the terror barrier and making it mean things that aren’t true.

When you go for more…

When you move towards your goals…

When you shift your way of being…

When you live into your biggest vision

You trigger your subconscious, the part of your brain that’s wired to keep you safe and alive by keeping you in the known and familiar. It avoids change at all costs, and it’s oh so subtle and strategic in how it gets you to stop and revert when you’re creating new things or transforming your experience.

The terror barrier feels like chaos. Everything that can go wrong will, and every story you could tell about that fact that will trigger your fears, limiting beliefs, and core wounds will come up full force and be all-consuming.

But really, nothing is wrong.

You’re just altering how you move and who you be, organizing yourself in entirely new and different ways, and your subconscious is throwing a temper tantrum in response.

That’s it.

That’s all that’s happening.

The problem is that we buy into the fears and stories and give up too quickly. It’s easier and more comfortable than weathering the storm of the terror barrier until our subconscious mind learns that we can survive this shift, and we move to the other side, where things settle at a whole new depth and level.

It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

Terrifying and hard at times.

And it’s completely normal. Necessary even.

It’s literally just a part of the process, to one degree or another. Nothing more or less.

The more we understand this truth and utilize specific skills and tools, the less intense our terror barrier experiences become. The more easefully we navigate our way through, and the more quickly we transform our reality.

I would love to share these tools with you.

They’ve changed my life.

Anyone can master them; it just takes understanding how to use and integrate them, so they become second nature. The sooner you start, the sooner things shift.

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