When You’re Feeling Stuck and Stagnant

August 17, 2022

If you’re feeling stuck and stagnant, get clear on what you want your life, health, finances, work, and relationships to look like, then pour yourself into those things.

Pick some projects, do your research (but not for too long), and throw yourself into it wholeheartedly.

Start training.

Shop around even if you can’t buy yet.

Tackle the small steps on the list.

Mentor with someone who has it.

Join groups—online and off.

Try new recipes, art techniques, and skills.

Sign up for the program or buy the book.

Give yourself over to the things you want with complete and utter devotion. Even when you’re just starting and fumbling or flailing about. Even if you suck and don’t know what you’re doing yet. Even if you’re not ready, and especially if it feels impossible and hard.

Live into your vision with everything you’ve got, knowing that “everything you’ve got” will likely look wildly different for you compared to everyone else.

And if you don’t know what you want, ask yourself how you want to feel, then do anything and everything (within your values and considerately of others) that might give you a taste of that feeling and experience.

Follow your whims, however random or small.

Dabble in your deepest delights.

Return to old hobbies.

Explore new interests with enthusiasm.

Our purpose is hardcoded into us; this I know to be true after working with hundreds of people over the years. No matter how lost you feel, deep down, you know who you’re here to be and what you’re here to do.

100%. I guarantee it.

So if you want to find your most fully expressed self, give yourself over to the things that call you and follow the crumbs. Start where you are with what you have.

And get support when you need it.

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