I Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

August 16, 2022

I’m a big fan of transformation over incremental change.

Of emptying out the limiting beliefs, traumas, and stories that live in our very cells and bones so that we’re free to move through the world in a completely different way.

So that we have the leverage to choose new actions and responses that align us with what we want vs. defaulting to old ways of being and reactive behaviors.

I never could’ve guessed last summer that my life would be what it is today. August was hard. And it only got harder before things began to shift and release and fall into place.

At the rate I’m transforming myself and my reality now, I won’t even try to imagine how insanely beautiful next August will be or how many wonderful surprises the coming weeks and months will have in store.

I trust.


The Universe.

Other humans.

Life as a whole.

I trust at such a profoundly deep level that I couldn’t have comprehended a year ago. Not three years ago or even all the years before loss and trauma tipped me over and poured me out.

I didn’t know what I was missing.

How good life could become.

How quickly things could shift.

It took leaning into my healing work at a depth and rate I never imagined I had the capacity for. Not then. Not after everything. Not while so much was unraveling and uncertain.

This work we do is life-giving.


If you’re ready to lean in, I’m so ready to hold the space and guide you through the process of creating true, rapid, lasting transformation.

The work I’m about to start doing with my clients is absolutely next level.

It’s freedom.

Message me, and let’s talk options.

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