You’re Not Failing Universal Tests

July 21, 2022

I don’t resonate with the term tests anymore, even though I recently did.

To me, these moments where old patterns, people, and experiences show up feel more like energetic checkpoints.

We’re stepping into new ways of being, and the universe is actively reconfiguring around us in response. However, aspects of the old levels that we’d been aligning with and calling in are still orbiting in our field.

They’re checkpoints that ask…

Can we hold the new energy?
Are we committed to what we say we want?
Will we stand steady in our new boundaries?
Are we anchored in new ways of being?
Can we hold our higher standards?

If not, we wobble.

We fall back into old patterns and programming, and we say yes to things that are no longer aligned. We spin out in old stories, forget about what we really want, and become lax in our boundaries.

It’s not a failure.

It doesn’t mean we’re not “cut out for it.”

It doesn’t mean we won’t ever attract the things we want.

It just means we wobbled. We weren’t anchored deeply enough in our big desires, confident in our boundaries and who we need to be, and haven’t yet mastered the ability to stay plugged into those higher frequencies.

We push back the things we want, but we don’t lose them.

It’s not a failure; it’s just a delay.

And even though it can feel awful and disorienting to go backward, we can always begin again. We can always recenter and organize ourselves around the things we say we want. We can always re-establish the boundaries and act on the consequences when they’re crossed. We can always plug back into that next-level frequency and step back into those new ways of being.

This work is a process.

One that takes time and intention.

Life is in the process of responding to your new stance and energy, and sometimes old options appear in your sphere. Use them as an opportunity to root more deeply into what you want and who you need to be—to make different and better choices that support your next-level vision.

And if you wobble, give yourself grace and begin again.

As many times as it takes.

You’ve got this.

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