I Believed Something Was Wrong and Broken in Me

July 20, 2022

For most of my life, I truly believed something was wrong and broken in me because I didn’t understand this world the way everyone else seemed to.

It just didn’t make sense to me.

I learned to keep much of this to myself because my inner world was ripe with questions that few people seemed to ponder, and a string of reflections that left them staring at me blankly. They wanted me to be “less intense,” to “let loose” and “have fun” in the ways they deemed appropriate.

And then one day, way back in 2009, I started to blog under my own name after a few years of writing online anonymously. I started writing little posts filled with my musings, passions, and interests. I shared my perspective on the world and insights from all the big questions I had to find answers to myself. I was intense and passionate, and I started to form the beginnings of my voice.

I was terrified to share my thoughts and words under my name, serving myself up for judgment, ridicule, and constant reminders that I’m “too much.”

But not long after I started, I heard from family, friends, and strangers one by one. Little notes of encouragement and thanks for sharing the inner workings of my mind, and the first few “I never thought about it that way” messages of many to come.

Everything that’s made my business successful and has allowed me to create programs, books, talks, and content that’s changed lives worldwide has come from the parts of me that were once so deeply misunderstood. The parts that people actively shamed and made wrong or “too intense.” The parts I actively hid away for years and years, believing wholeheartedly that something was wrong with me.

I bought my domain and started blogging on it the year before I’d learn about online businesses and marketing or join the high-level mastermind that kickstarted this business I have now. I trusted a little niggle in my heart and leaned in despite the fear. I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad I stopped listening to all the people who called me too much, didn’t understand me, and didn’t want to hear the things I had to say. Didn’t want to try and answer the questions I couldn’t stop asking.

I’m glad I never stopped trying to make sense of this world. Because in doing so, I’ve built a body of work that helps people worldwide. People who message me all the time that my words, somewhere floating around on the internet, helped change their perspective. Helped them make the choice to continue living and healing and growing into who they’re here to be.

Where you’re misunderstood is where so much of your purpose and power lie.

You have to embrace your muchness, intensity, passions, and interests. You have to give yourself space to be all that you are because the world needs it now more than ever.

Join me Wednesday, July 28th for the Misunderstood Masterclass and group process and lets clear the fear and shame around being judged and misinterpreted so you can be the person you’re here to be. It matters. A lot.

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