You Are Not Too Much

November 1, 2016

People will tell you to be reasonable.
Or even the dreaded, “realistic.”
They will tell you it’s just how things are.
Or maybe, “just how they are.”
They will act as if your request is over the line.
You want too much. You think too much. You feel too much.
And the worst… you are too much.

You are not too much.
You do not desire too much.

Your dreams and visions and hopes for your life… for your work… for your relationships… they are not too much. No, they are just right.

And they are just right for a simple reason:
Because they come from you and the depths of your heart.

I don’t know why they do it. Shut others down because their desires or wishes or requests are outside their own capacity. Outside their own comfort level. Or, a reflection of their own unmet desires. Maybe because it would be such a stretch for them to even comprehend, let alone meet you inside of, that they would rather not believe it exists.

For so much of my life, I have fallen into the “too much” category.

To the boyfriends who simply couldn’t meet me inside my depth, inside my desire to create something truly aligned and rich and filled with meaningful connection. To the family who couldn’t understand why I felt so much, so often, that it was scary and overwhelming. To the colleagues and friends who couldn’t wrap their brain around my big vision for this work I’m here to do, because it doesn’t fit inside what they’ve seen.

I truly believe that we are gifted with the visions and desires we have, because we are the ones capable of bringing them to life. Because we are open to the wide breadth of possibility that this world offers. Because we know we deserve more, that settling isn’t something we have to do… especially not because the ones around us chose that for themselves.

Maybe there are some things we need to learn… some experiences we need to walk through first. Maybe it is so big and crazy and wild that there’s no map, no clear starting point. But that’s okay, because we hold the vision, and that is literally all we need to start. Even if that vision is somewhat vague, missing details and “hows,” it’s still enough.

So don’t you ever buy into the lies of those around you.
Don’t you ever settle because it feels easier.

Say it with me friend…

I do not want too much.
I do not think too much.
I do not feel too much.
I am not too much.

No, I am just right.

I am desirous, creative, innovative.
I see all that’s possible, whether it exists now or not.
I crave all that is real and true and deep.
I refuse to settle for less than I desire or deserve.
I will create what I want, by continuing to raise the bar.
By continuing to demand that those around me rise up with me.
By not believing that me and my desires are too much.

Rinse, repeat, and get back to work.

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