Health Coach Website Design: Before and After

November 1, 2016

We recently had the pleasure of redesigning Tara Coleman’s website. Tara is a talented and sought after Clinical Nutritionist giving people the tools, education, and support they need to eat with confidence and live the life they desire.

Tara Coleman Before

Tara’s original site was outdated, dark, and would break on certain browsers, making the content hard to follow. There was far too much happening on the landing page, it was hard to navigate, and the site didn’t really reflect Tara’s professionalism, personality, and high caliber services.


Tara Coleman After

Through our Jumpstart Website Design package, we created a website that better reflected both Tara’s personality, and her business. We used her blue with a rich wine color and incorporated some clean line-work throughout the site to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Beautiful, warm, and delicious food photos were used in the banner and as backgrounds to really tie in that sense of eating whole healthy foods that really nourish and satisfy, as a means to create the health you desire.

The header highlights her opt-in ebook and guides the visitor down to the three primary entry points: her services, most popular blog posts, and bio. The long scrolling home page also features rotating testimonials and most recent blog posts. Overall the feel is clean, vibrant, rich, and elegant, while also remaining approachable.

“You were 100% right when you said that your talent was nailing your client’s taste and personality. I am incredibly happy with your designs and I am really excited about the final product. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your talent with me!” Tara Coleman



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