Life Coaching Website Design: Before and After

September 27, 2016

We recently had the honor of working with the fabulous Maia Macek on the redesign of her website. Maia is a prolific and inspiring writer and coach who helps ambitious women unleash their true gifts and live a life better than they even realize they deserve.

Maia Macek Before

Before her scheduled Jumpstart Design Month, Maia quickly threw up a WordPress blog so that she could begin sharing her words and work with her audience. It was simple, clean, and got the job done, but the site didn’t at all reflect her gorgeous personality, and it lacked any energy or vibrancy.


Maia Macek After

During the Jumpstart Design Stage, we worked with a requested color palette of black, gold, and white, which paired beautifully against her vibrant, nature-based photography. Simple line work, lots of white space, and gold accents created a sophisticated and professional feel that was as unique as Maia. For her wordmark logo, we paired a clean sans-serif font with a brush script font, and included the pronunciation of her last name as requested. Maia’s work is very much focused on finding clarity and direction in your life, so we incorporated a gold compass into the logo, and arrows as accent elements throughout the site. The home page video is designed to open in a pop-up window when clicked, which allowed us to incorporated it into the design without being too small or obtrusive. The entire site is responsive and mobile friendly!

“I love what you’ve done. You’ve created something far more beautiful and professional than I ever imagined. Aaaahhh. Happiness! I would absolutely recommend Jumpstart, because it’s so comprehensive. No matter what obstacles you present with, the Jumpstart package has a solution. I had all my copy written beforehand (which is something Jumpstart will do for you), but I had no idea how to communicate what I saw in my mind, in terms of design. All of that was taken care of by the planning and prep worksheets. It was kind of amazing. When I look at my website, I can’t even believe how gorgeous and ME it all is! It’s far better visually and in terms of layout, than I could have even imagined for myself.” Maia Macek



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