Be the Voice People Need

June 26, 2019

What a shame it would be to stop being a voice for people who need to hear you in order to fit in with those who don’t understand.

Stop trying to be heard by people who can’t hear you.⁣
Stop trying to be seen by those who don’t want to see you.⁣
Stop trying to help people ‘get it’ who aren’t able.

Most importantly, stop playing a smaller game simply because the ones you surround yourself with (by choice or otherwise) don’t understand what you’re doing and why. Because they think you should be happy where you’re at, or because they want you to stay small so that they aren’t forced to look at their own lives and grow.

Stop filtering yourself for people who are easily offended because they’re so easily made uncomfortable. People who are stuck in the past and terrified to death of change, driven by outdated beliefs and societal structures. Stop believing that something’s wrong with you, your message, or your mission just because you alienate others.

It’s good to alienate others.⁣
To be polarizing.

It means that you’re incredibly CLEAR.⁣
That you’re PASSIONATE about something important.⁣
That you’re TAKING A STAND for what you believe in.⁣
That you’re using your VOICE and taking up SPACE.

I’ve always said to my clients what I live in my own work: do it for the ones you think aren’t listening. The ones that will listen for years before they’re able to hit ‘like’ or send you a message. The ones that will one day, seemingly out of the blue, tell you your words saved their life or helped them find their own purpose.

Be a voice for what you believe in.⁣
For the people who most need to hear it.

We need more people leading conversations that truly matter and make a difference, rather than just hiding out and playing it safe to be liked.

Be one of those people.⁣

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