A Different, More Committed and Disciplined Me

July 1, 2022

My motivation is back in full force, and I’m rapidly building momentum, getting so much stronger, pushing so much farther, and expanding on every level. Staying on my edges and refusing to settle into comfortable ruts.

I want big things.

Seemingly impossible things.

I want more, different, and better, and that requires a different, more committed and disciplined me.

It requires presence, intention, and follow-through on entirely new levels.

It also requires noticing my subconscious resistances and moving through those chaotic, terrifying periods of leaning in and moving forward when all my patterning is pushing hard for me to stop. When every trick my subconscious has comes out to try and convince me I should slow down and settle back into the known and familiar of old ways of being.

Expansion is beautiful and inspired, filled with excitement and energy galore.

It’s also challenging and exhausting. It’s filled with cranky moments and the strong urge to give into our most favorite ways of (and reasons for) stopping.

Expansion stretches us, and there’s so much discomfort and unsettledness that comes with it.

But it’s worth it.

And the more we lean in, the more momentum we build.

The more momentum we build, the more we shift the odds in our favor of having what we want. The more quickly our desires start to move towards us.

I missed my motivation and energy for so long, and I’m so committed to spooling it up and strengthening that muscle, more and more every day.

What do you desire?

And what version of you and level of commitment is needed to have it?

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