Open to New Pathways and Possibilities

July 4, 2022

I’m slightly obsessed with trees because one time, an eye doctor accidentally gave me contacts with a stronger prescription than he’d prescribed. I could see EVERYTHING in such detail that I was even more enamored with nature and mountainsides.

One thing I learned because of this stronger sight is that the trees do stuff all year long. Their green changes shade frequently, and they start turning yellow in July, not September like I thought. Little yellow clusters begin to form amidst all the green, but you can’t see them if you’re not looking. And even if you are, you can’t always see it if your vision is weakened or blurry and frayed.

Making your impossible dreams a reality follows these same truths.

There’s so much we can’t see until we have the tools to change our lens. So much we carry blurs our vision and distorts our view.

Personality typing…
Purpose work…
Subconscious reprogramming…
Paradigm shifts…
Cellular healing…
Systems thinking…
Process work…

These shift and sharpen our lens.

They change our context and transform our reality—rapidly and regardless of circumstances.

They are the key and the pathway.

But we have to use them. We have to integrate them into our daily life, to-do lists, and fundamental way of being.

We have to push our edges and expand our capacity.

We have to heal our traumas and deepest wounds.

But so many won’t because it’s challenging beyond belief. So many will choose the false comfort of the known and familiar over freedom and full expression. Or some will do the work but only intellectually.

Because it’s scary and hard.

Because so much is unknown.

But even that fear itself can be processed out.

Our phobia of change can be cleared.

Are you ready to experience freedom from self-sabotage and all the ways you keep yourself small and stagnant?

Join me tomorrow for our workshop on the alchemy of breaking free from self-sabotage.

Or message me and let’s get some process work scheduled for this month so that you can start to shift and shed this summer, just like the trees.

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