The Fastest Path to Living Your Purpose

June 30, 2022

Death and rebirth have always been my jam, and last year was a massive process of dying and coming back to life.

It was so massive and present and gutting that everyone had an opinion about what I was and wasn’t doing and when I was or wasn’t doing it. How long certain things were taking and whether or not I was lingering in certain spaces too long.

Some pushed and nudged.

Some tried to control it.

Some fell out of my life entirely because of it.

Because I really went there, and that was scary and uncomfortable for everyone, including me.

I wandered wholeheartedly into the deepest, darkest depths of myself and my wounds and traumas.

I dropped into The Void, and I set up camp for as long as it took to shed all that no longer served or supported me. I sat in the fire and felt the intensity of its burn until there was nothing left but the bones of my truest self and all the space to flesh myself out again in total alignment.

This rebirth has been so expansive and accelerated, like none before. And I cannot wait to share the things I’m creating, the person I’m becoming, and the vision I’m aligning with. It’s everything. Everything I’ve desired, everything I’ve always been, and everything I’m meant to become.

Purpose is simple: be who you’re here to be and do what you’re called to do. And death and rebirth—working with the terrifying and expansive space that is The Void—is the fastest, most transformational path to living yours.

Call of The Void is next week’s workshop, and it will be such a transformational conversation. This is some of the most important work I’ve done over the years, and I can’t wait to reveal its latest evolution. We’re talking all about how to alchemize the dark, contractive, and challenging experiences so you can break free from self-sabotage, smallness, and fear and create the leverage you need to step into who you’re here to be. Fully expressed and fully aligned like you’ve always desired but have yet to actualize.

Join me or catch the replay!

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