Working With The Void

September 10, 2020

Uncovering and working with The Void has changed my life.

When I first stumbled on it accidentally, I wasn’t exactly having the time of my life. In fact, I was feeling more depressed and broken than I ever had before.

I was sitting at an overlook late one night, balling my eyes out, when I suddenly slipped and “fell through.” And in an instant, I felt clear. Deeply connected to truth and Source. Weightless, no longer wresting with questions that felt impossible to answer, and totally at peace.

I felt like the person I was always meant to be.
And I finally understood what I needed to do to step forward.

The power of that experience has stuck with me ever since. And I think the real beauty is that for me, it helped me put things into perspective. The Void allowed me to look at the bigger picture. To rise above all the suffering – the heartbreak, the heartache – and look ahead. To a better future, a better life for me.

A life with purpose, a life with impact, and a life with zero regrets.
And for me, that’s what makes it SO magical.

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