Getting Into Some Serious Training Again

July 5, 2021

Getting into some serious training again!!

My goal is to get into the best shape of my life this year for no other reason than to live the active and adventurous life I want to live.

I want to scramble up all the summits, ride bikes down all the trails, and climb the sides of all the mountains. I want to run half-marathons, go on long backpacking trips, paddle down all the rivers, and swim in all the lakes. I want to snowshoe and ice climb and get back on a snowboard.

My body and I have been through some challenging things, but I’ve been working hard to regain my energy after another bout of adrenal fatigue earlier this year. And now that I have my energy back, I’m working on strength, flexibility, and endurance so I can truly test my limits in this life.

Every time I’ve been motivated by my goals and not my looks, I’ve gotten into amazing shape quickly.

Letting go of the patriarchal and societal influence over how my body “needs to look” to “be attractive to men” this last month or so has been freeing in more ways that one.

I’m comfortable, confident, and at ease in my skin. I’m stronger, more lit up, and—according to people around me at even the most random of places—glowing something fierce. Most importantly, I’m motivated by things that feel exciting and important to me and not anyone else.

It feels really, really good.

I’ll be sharing more about some of what this means and looks like on the blog soon!


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Getting Into Some Serious Training Again