Facing Forward Is a Skill I’ve Really Cultivated

July 5, 2021

Facing forward is a skill I’ve really cultivated these last several years.

It’s easy to want to look back at the things and people we’ve lost. It’s easy to feel the desire to return to what was and only remember the good. But there’s no going back, not when we’re committed to growth and healing. Not when we’ve changed at our very core.

There’s no returning to the people and things that aren’t aligned. That would be choosing stagnation and smallness rather than stepping forward into the person we’re here to be. It would be putting up a giant stop sign to the flow of goodness heading our way now that we’ve created space.

Facing forward is simple, not always easy.

Anytime I notice myself wandering back to the past, I stop and ground in the present moment. No judgment or making myself wrong. Just a gentle, “here I am again, back where I don’t belong anymore.”

I use all my senses to ground into the moment I’m in. Feeling the breeze in the air, the smells it carries, and the sounds traveling all around. Feeling the chair beneath me or the ground below my feet. Noticing the minor details and feeling every texture around me.

And once I’m back—in this moment with what really matters—I redirect that energy that wants to wander to the past toward the future.

I think about what I want.
I do something to move it forward.
I visualize what’s coming.

And I make sure to feel all the joy and gratitude around it.

There are times where this is easy and natural, requiring no thought at all. And there are times where it’s a constant refocusing and redirection. But the result is always the same: more of what I want comes alive around and inside me, and all the things I’ve let go fade into the distance where they belong.

We always have a conscious choice in what we do with our energy.

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