Not Letting Labels Define and Drive Me

July 4, 2021


It’s easy to let them define and drive us, especially when other people hammer them home over the years.

Especially when we believe them to be true.

I’m guilty of labeling others as much as they are of me. It’s human nature, and “roles” are such a big part of this world.

I’m getting to learn and experience more process work every Sunday over this hot mid-summer month, and the first process was all about freedom from labels.

How we label ourselves, our bodies, our roles, our experiences. How others label us, accurately or inaccurately. And all the labels that have stung or hurt the most over our life. Those ouchy ones that feel challenging to admit or hear reflected out loud, whether we believe they’re accurate or not.

It was a challenging and emotional process, but I was able to really let some big things go.

To leave old roles, beliefs, labels, and ways of being behind me in the past and choose only to carry forward what I want.

Feeling peaceful today, despite a turbulent week. Feeling grateful for the work and all the souls holding that deep level of space for the complex and yucky aspects to move. And feeling even more motivated to focus on what’s most important in the future.

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