Healing Can Make You Feel a Little Crazy

July 6, 2021

Moving through particular layers of healing can make you feel a little crazy at times.

The highs and lows mixed together.
Certainty and confusion all at once.
Wobbling around in everything you do.
Feeling ungrounded and flattened.

But, as usual, nothing is wrong.

You’re just moving something out of your system, and it’s not going without a fight. That prompts certain parts (especially the old ones) to get up in arms trying anything they can to keep what you’re trying to release—fighting to stay in the known and familiar, even if it no longer serves you or supports where you’re going.

So it feels a little messy and maddening. You feel neurotic and out of control. You push and pull and lose any sense of steadiness you have. You fumble around and feel completely out of sorts.

But it’s not forever.

If you can keep feeling, processing, and letting go of what’s old in very specific ways, you’ll come out the other side. You’ll feel peace and calm, and all the energy you need to move forward will come flowing in.

Breathe through it.
Ground as much as you can.
Give yourself grace in the mess of it.
And trust that you’ll find your footing again.

Nothing is wrong.

You just need to process and release.

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