It’s Not Enough to Decide to Change

July 15, 2019

It’s not enough to just ‘decide’ to change.

To choose a new way of being in the world and just expect yourself to be different with the snap of your fingers.

Not when you aren’t digging into the root of why you showed up the way you did before… when you’re not looking at the source, healing the old wounds, disconnecting from the old patterns and habits that drive you… when you’re still running on the same old, outdated operating system.

The only time we truly change in an instant is when something rocks us to our core and causes a pattern disrupt, literally rewiring our brain and immediately altering our ability to be who we were before.

Things like loss, trauma, and near death experiences can do this, as can positive experiences like the birth of a child.

Just ‘deciding’ to be different isn’t enough.⁣
You have to dig in and do the deeper work.

You have to be willing to get uncomfortable as you untangle the beliefs that have been driving you for years. As you dismantle everything you thought you knew to be true about yourself, your life, your work, and your relationships.

You have to be willing to risk failure and weather uncertainty as you establish an entirely new foundation from which to grow. As you find your footing in a way you’ve never had to before.

You want to do better in your life?⁣
You have to BE better.

You want to show up differently?⁣
You have to BE different.

You want to create different outcomes?⁣
You have to BE someone who takes different actions.

It’s about who you’re BEING at your core.

Not just who you ‘want to become’ and what you think you need to do to act like that person.

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