Do Things Just For You

July 10, 2019

I’ve learned to do certain things just for me over the years…

Starting conversations.⁣
Sharing my feelings.⁣
Owning my truth.⁣
Being real and raw.⁣
Laying it all out there.

Not because I expect or want any specific response (or need any response at all), but because it’s important for me to say what needs to be said. To choose to go against my oldest pattern of staying small and hiding out, to show up differently and try to create different results. To know that I gave my all and showed up as honestly and vulnerably as I could, even if it’s rejected. Even if someone tries to make me wrong, leaves or abandons me, or doesn’t ever really ‘get it’.

To know that I’m someone who will always choose the discomfort of growth—the terror and fear of truth—over staying safe and small. Over trying to be what I think others want and need me to be, or trying to be accommodating to someone else’s wants and needs before my own.

Not everything we share has to be about validation, understanding, or closure from the people outside of us. Sometimes it can just be for you. Because you want and need to. So you can sleep at night. So you know you’re living in alignment with your truth. So you know you did everything you could.

That’s it.⁣
That’s reason enough.

But the key is non-attachment.

Sure, it would feel better if the outcome went a certain way, you got your response or closure, or you were validated for your thoughts and feelings… but you can’t act with attachment to that. You must do it for YOU, to empty out and find peace. Knowing that might be it, there might be no response (or there might be a negative response).

You can still feel your feelings… the hurt and rejection… the anger and the upset… but don’t cling to an outcome. Just share your truth for yourself, because you and your need to are reason enough.

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