The Burning of Zozobra (Old Man Gloom)

September 3, 2022

Last night was my first time seeing the original burning man, Zozobra, who’s filled with people’s gloom.

Divorce papers, photos, parking tickets, and more. To know me is to know I love a good burn for releasing and moving on, so I was excited to stuff something in the mix.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t have anything to release.

I worked so diligently on my healing these last several months that I feel deeply free and at peace with all I’ve walked through. I healed my heart, untangled my wounding and patterns more thoroughly, raised my self-worth, and found true gratitude and forgiveness. I came home to myself, unburdened from old baggage and traumas that weighed me down for far too long.

So, no. I had no gloom to burn.

And that’s a beautiful place to be.

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