Having a Solid Inner Foundation Is Everything

September 5, 2022

I had an experience last winter when I was at my bottom that was pretty awful.

But instead of pushing me deeper into my stories and wounding, it woke me up. It snapped me out of the fog I’d been lost in for too many years after grief and trauma.

What happened was so absurd that it awakened parts I’d been fighting to bring back to life: my fierce protector, my unwavering strength, my highest self-worth, and my most aligned self.

The absurdity began stirring bewildered amusement, a gentle, “honestly, wtf was that?” perspective that called all of me back to myself, my life, and my work.

I’m so grateful for that experience.


I’m not sure I’d be where I am without it happening when and how it did.

(At least not this rapidly.)

But more so, I’m grateful for all the groundwork I’d been laying. Without that, it could’ve destroyed me. It could’ve taken me out at the knees because it was the perfect combination of ingredients to do so.

But I’d been digging deeper than ever, facing my oldest wounds, traumas, and patterns.

Diligently clearing what stood in the way of unwavering self-love and high self-worth while learning and embracing the truth that I’m here and I matter too.

I’d been clearing and purging any and everything that no longer felt like me, making space for clarity to come through and guide me onto the most aligned path.

So instead of coming even more undone in the aftermath of this experience, everything clicked back into place. It happened so quickly that it seemed unbelievable, a true quantum leap.

Knowing yourself matters.

Raising your self-worth is crucial.

Having a solid inner foundation is everything.

Otherwise, it’s far too easy for the people in our sphere to knock us off our center. It’s far too easy to succumb to our core wounds, self-sabotaging behaviors, and unhealthy subconscious strategies. It’s far too easy to believe that what we desire isn’t possible for us because we’re broken or damaged.

Join me for Actualize, and let me help you deepen into yourself and your fullest expression. This makes us unshakable, giving us tremendous freedom and leverage to create what we desire. We start next Monday!

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