Which Struggle Will You Choose?

September 2, 2022

I’m so out of my element with this camper that it’s downright amusing.

I learn everything I can about the task at hand, give it a go with some level of struggle or failure, and go back to learning everything I can with totally new questions, slowly inching my way forward.

But even when I’m frustrated or annoyed (or can’t seem to unscrew something myself 😤), I’m oh so happy to be struggling in these ways, with these problems.

Living out of alignment with the truth of who we are is heartbreakingly hard.

Making our big, impossible dreams a reality is challenging beyond belief.

So which struggle will you choose?

Personally, I’d rather feel like an unsteady beginner who has no idea what she’s doing and is constantly running into new challenges inside the life, visions, and goals that move me towards my fullest expression. I’d rather feel terrified and exhausted by things that bring me immense joy and deeper alignment. I’d rather have the disorientation of new, different, and better and give myself opportunities to step more deeply into who I’m here to be.

I’ve done the heartbreakingly hard of an incongruent life. I’ve done the struggles and strain of the wrong relationships, environments, and locations. I know the cost, and it’s not worth it to me anymore. I no longer buy into the illusion and lie that I’m somehow more secure by playing it safe and falling in line with the status quo.

The cost of fumbling my way through evolving my business to a whole new level, figuring out how to get my camper set up for off-grid living, and investing in my health, happiness, and self? Worth every single moment of pain, uncertainty, frustration, and confusion. 100%.

I’m so happy to be a beginner in these ways.

I’m so grateful to all the versions of me that chose alignment until I found myself standing in these moments.

I’m so excited about who I’ll continue to become and how my life and relationships will expand as a result of these experiences.

I share my journey not because I think most people want the same things (I know many don’t!) but because I hope it inspires you to go after what’s right for YOU.

Choose the struggles and challenges that lead you home to yourself and your most aligned life.

It’s terrifying and chaotic at times, but I promise it’s infinitely better than staying “safe” and small by sticking with the known and familiar. Know yourself and your risk tolerance, but move towards what you want.

Not sure what that is?

Join me for Actualize! We start September 12th, and it’s all about uncovering and actualizing your purpose.

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