I Could’ve Easily Lost My Voice Completely

September 1, 2022

I’m so grateful for my voice.

This voice that was so shy and soft-spoken for much of my life until I was thrust into speech class in design school and had to present projects nearly every day.

This voice that, for so long, only came out in writing. It was such a challenge for me to speak my truth and share my experience that an ex-boyfriend finally told me to write him an email. So, I did. I found a way to make sense of my inner world, and writing became my lifeline.

This voice that trembled time and time again as I learned to stand my ground, set my boundaries, walk away from what wasn’t for me, and share my truth in every situation and relationship. It broke and cracked and pushed through tears as I made telling the truth one of my highest values.

This voice that I lost to trauma when the grief was so heavy, the gaslighting so perpetual, and the PTSD so bad it made remembering anything nearly impossible. I would forget words, concepts, and trains of thought in the middle of sentences so frequently I stopped sharing. I stopped trying to make sense of the world and shut down completely.

This voice that came back as a mighty roar when my body could no longer handle the abuse, constant restraint, or stuffing of my truth, and I literally stopped being able to swallow for nine long days. It was only through speaking my truth again, no matter how hard, messy, or inconvenient, that I slowly regained my ability to eat and drink.

This voice that was so often shamed, made wrong, or called crazy has changed the lives of so many sweet souls worldwide.

But I could’ve easily lost my voice completely.

I could’ve bought into the lies that my perspective and ideas weren’t worth anything and that staying small and quiet was better and safer.

I’m so grateful for my voice.

Some days it’s strong and clear; some days it’s wobbly and uncertain.

But this voice has created so much beauty in my life and the world because I was willing to embrace my fullest expression despite the fear. Despite how genuinely unsafe it was at times. Despite the consequences that were challenging beyond belief to navigate.

This voice has built a life and business I love because it’s rooted in my purpose. Because I value truth and alignment so highly.

Purpose work changes the world.

Our contributions matter even if other people say and do similar things. You resonate with my voice for whatever reason, just like someone else resonates with other voices over mine.

Our voices matter.

For our health, happiness, fulfillment, and well-being, and for the world at large. The people you’re here to serve, regardless of what scale or scope is right and aligned for you.

Find your voice and use it with intention.

It matters, and it’s needed.

Join us for Actualize starting September 12th if you’re ready to come into full alignment and full expression and start living your purpose, contributing to the world in the way only you can, with the impact that only your voice can have.

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