We Can’t Live Our Purpose if It Doesn’t Feel Safe to Be Ourselves

August 31, 2022

We can’t live our purpose if it doesn’t feel safe to be who we are.

If we learned long ago that to stay some degree of secure and successful, we had to behave in certain ways.

Often those “ways” were what other people defined for us and not actually aligned with our personality, energetics, or inner truth. The authority figures and systems that made up our world as children.

Not only do we learn to operate in the world in a misaligned way, but we start to unconsciously believe that something is wrong or broken in us when it’s hard. We begin to feel wrong and bad about what we want, and we’ve operated from this strategy to stay safe for so long that what we desire feels wholly impossible.

It’s always possible to live your purpose.

But possibility isn’t a promise; it’s a call to action.

You have to be willing to unlearn the “winning strategies” that have kept you as safe, secure, and successful as you are so that you can step into entirely new ways of being that align you with the right people, places, and opportunities. You have to live your fullest expression and weather the terror barrier as the world begins to reconfigure around you to align with your truest self.

It’s not easy work to live your purpose in this world.

Familial, educational, religious, cultural, and societal systems are designed to strip you of who you are so that you fit with the pre-approved status quo.

Worse, the more you lean into your truth and away from “the norm,” the more uncomfortable the people around you become because their own fears and unrealized dreams get triggered. So you’re moving against the systems and the people you thought loved and supported you the most.

But, friends…

Living your fullest expression and purpose is worth every bit of grief and challenges along the path.

You’ll learn to navigate the systems of the world without losing yourself. You’ll start connecting with incredible humans who see you, get you, and love you for who you really are. You magnetize amazing opportunities with ease. And you begin living a lifestyle that’s truly yours, contributing to the world in the way that only you can.

You have to desire full expression more than you fear the process.

And you need support because your subconscious strategies and tactics will activate full force to try and get you to stop. They’re so sneaky you won’t even realize you’re self-sabotaging. But when you understand the process and your unconscious worldview, there’s far more grace, ease, and conscious freedom to choose the life you were born to live.

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