What a Beautiful Rebirth This Has Been

August 30, 2022

I’m staying on my growth edge like whoa these days.

Stretching so far outside my comfort zone and committing to new layers of expansion and alignment (with some serious accountability to support it!) Living and embodying my work on entirely new levels.

It’s a lot, and so much more is coming these next few months. But it’s what I wanted—to step into my fullest expression and live my purpose on a larger scale—and I’m loving all the magic showing up as a result of deepening into this growth work.

As part of the new brand and vision, I’m creating some transformational, catalyzing content for you that requires a tremendous amount of transparency, visibility, and vulnerability on my part. And while I’m nervous as heck, I also know the importance of this content and the inevitable impact it will have, so I’m insanely excited to share the fruits of this season in this particular way.

Last year was a massive series of deaths as I moved through my bottom and the depths of my grief and trauma.

I faced myself and my core wounds with such commitment and intensity, like never before. I trusted myself and my process and what felt true to me, even when the people closest to me tried to yank me out or shift my focus elsewhere. It was a very different dark night of the soul than the ones that preceded it…

But goodness, what a beautiful rebirth this has been.

I’m here, I’m home inside myself after so many years away, and I’m more on purpose than ever before.


PS—if you’re ready to feel aligned, fully expressed, and deeply on purpose in everything you do, check out my new program, ACTUALIZE. I’m teaching everything I know about uncovering and living your fullest expression, organizing yourself and your life and work around your true purpose. I hope you’ll join us!

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