Aspects of My Brand Evolution Are Dropping In

August 1, 2022

Whenever more aspects of my brand evolution drop in, my whole body and being feel lit up like a Christmas tree.

I’m so energized and activated by this next-level vision, as well as wildly uncomfortable and terrified to step all the way into it.

Whew, it’s a process.

Like buying the camper, it feels like I’m finally doing more than just making space for the truth of who I am to come forward. I’m now honoring my truth with unwavering intention and aligned commitment like never before.

It’s stretching me like whoa.

The new website and photos.
The conversations and offerings.
The power and presence.
The fullest expression of me.

It’s so, so good.

So big, impactful, and undeniable.

(Undeniable is my guiding word for this year!)

It’s loud, and it takes up so much space in the industry, on the internet, and in the world.

It’s also already been triggering to some people around me, which tells me I’m on the right path because I’m not holding back, shrinking myself, or choosing what’s most palatable for others. I’m not catering to anyone’s comfort or conforming to their ideas of who I am and who I should be.

(There’s a big difference between being true to yourself despite what would make others more comfortable and being inconsiderate!)

I still have so much to do before sharing it with the world. So much to build and align with. So much to make happen in seemingly impossible timeframes. I’m so far on my edge with this rebrand that the process of leaning in and following the vision has been incredibly healing and catalyzing on its own.

Buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

I can’t wait to invite you into this space.

Soon. 💜

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