Knowing My Purpose Healed Me

August 29, 2022

Purpose has always been my purpose, and the drive to understand who I’m here to be and the work I’m here to do is why I’m standing where I am today.

Purpose carried me through years of depression, loss, and trauma. It motivated me to get back up, time and time again, and continue moving towards what I wanted when everything seemed to be falling apart or going wrong.

I mean it with every cell of my being when I say:

Purpose healed me.

It brought me home to myself, yet again.

It breathed life into me when I was my most broken and lost.

It gave me direction, energy, and motivation.

It fuels my vision every day.

People often cringe at the word purpose because it feels ever elusive and impossible to pin down. But purpose is straightforward:

Show up, be you, and do what you feel called to do.

The seed of our purpose has been hardcoded into us since before we were born, but we don’t understand how it works. We think that purpose is *one grand thing* we have to find and do perpetually, but that’s not true. Purpose is who we are and the contribution we’re here to make, but that contribution and expression get influenced by the times we live in and how life shapes us.

How we live and express our purpose evolves as we do, but those expressions are always anchored in our deepest truth and most aligned self.

Your purpose has always been there, no matter how lost or buried in obligations and expectations you feel; it’s right there waiting to be uncovered and actualized. It’s always accessible and will heal your soul and bring you to life in ways you never realized you were missing.

No matter where you are on the journey, I have zero doubts about my ability to help you find and live your purpose. It’s been the great work of my life to make sense of purpose, and I understand it more now than ever before.

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