“Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Doesn’t Work

August 27, 2022

Last year, I took a break from social media and sharing my life for a very important reason.

For one, I’d hit my limit with many things and was about to descend to the bottom of my bottom to do some serious healing and expanding. But the big reason was that I’d realized I was posting and “doing” from pretty unclean motivations.

Social media had become the only place I felt “seen,” and after my last relationship ended, I was acting from a desperate and graspy place without knowing it. I was trying to prove that I was happy, thriving, and fulfilled… not so much to my ex or anyone else, but to myself. I thought if I could just “live my joy” and do all the things, everything that had come undone in me, my life, and my business would click back into place.

But “fake it ‘til you make it” doesn’t work.

None of the fluffy mantras and inspirational sayings do either if we’re not doing it cleanly.

Living my joy is 100% how I become magnetic to incredible relationships, experiences, and opportunities based on my energetic wiring. Still, it has to be cleanly motivated and acted on from an aligned place. There can’t be any wonky subconscious fear or projection. There can’t be any “shoulds” or “have to’s” in the mix. There can’t be any energy of trying to prove myself at any level.

To do things cleanly, we have to clear our blocks, heal our deeper traumas, and come back to true alignment in ourselves.


Trust and faith produce miracles.

Living your joy expands your experience.

Showing up fully expressed aligns you with the right people and opportunities.

People respond to your presence.

Your life is deeply and genuinely fulfilling.

We can’t just do the things and live the mantras; it must be clean and without any blocks.

I just had the most wonderful two nights camping and Bluewater Lake. I was so content and at peace, like never before. The contrast of this trip compared to all the others over the years was so apparent to me.

Because I’ve healed so, so much, I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone by living an adventurous life; I’m simply being who I am. Following my design and energetic wiring and doing what feels right for me. I’m fully present in my experience, always exactly where my feet are, and wholly at peace.

That doesn’t mean I don’t feel sad, anxious, or frustrated at times; I do. It just means I’m completely conscious to my emotions and where they stem from. They’re not dirtying up my motivations or causing me to act from fear and desperation anymore.

When I say this work is life giving, I mean it in every sense of the phrase.

But perhaps most importantly I mean to say: it gives you YOUR most aligned, expressed, and fulfilling life with far more peace, ease, and freedom.

And I can say from experience, sitting here feeling more free and leveraged than ever before in my life: it’s so, so worth the painstaking process of diving deeper into this work than you’ve ever allowed yourself to go.

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